The choice of the right hospital furniture is extremely important in terms of functionality, ergonomics, and hygiene. Care is Zystm's hospital program, which contains all conceivable interior design solutions for hospital furniture.

The key to a good and efficient workplace is a holistic work environment. That is why Zystm Care believes in holistic solutions, where staff and patients are the focus. Based on many years of experience, our extensive knowledge and work with logistics in the hospital sector has developed our Care program and furnished us with the tools to develop and design entire work environments for hospitals and clinics.

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We offer many solutions for storage in our inventory program, both standard and special solutions. You can "personalise" your storage solutions by choosing one of our standard or special colours. Maybe each floor should have its own colour. It can e.g., be the solutions below.


  • Patient cabinets - High cabinets for storing patients' belongings, delivered with shelf and clothes rail.
  • High cabinets - These can include modular side panels which makes it possible to add trays and baskets. The modular sides allow for storing the inserts in a straight or sloping position and provides the facility to tilt the stored trays and baskets for ease of viewing contents and removing when they are stored in the upper cabinet position. Using modular cabinets, typically increases storage efficiency by 20-30%.
  • Pass through cabinets - With a pass-through solution, two adjacent rooms can have access to the same cabinet. A pass-through cabinet can e.g., be a storage cabinet with or without modular sides or a parking cabinet, often adapted for our cart program or according to specific requirements.
  • Fire and lead cabinets - These provide storage while protecting patients and staff, for example, rays from an X-ray department. These cabinets are often used between building fire walls which can be located between OP and the adjacent corridor.
  • Medicine cabinets - A medicine cabinet, like other cabinets, can be arranged as required. The important thing is that there is a good overview of the content. The cabinet includes a light as standard and can be fitted with U-shaped shelves and an additional lockable cabinet inside providing increased security.
  • Ventilated cabinets - Ventilated cabinets are designed for storing hazardous and odorous products that require ventilation, such as chemicals. The cabinets are supplied with an exhaust connection at the top of the cabinet and a supply air gap at the bottom. Internal shelves are designed to ensure that free passage is created for "air washing" of the entire cabinet.
  • Staff cabinets - These cabinets are available in varying sizes, with or without lock. These are designed to be used for securely storing personal belongings.
  • Special cabinets - There are virtually no limits to finding solutions using Zystm's standard program, however, should individual requirements arise that are not included, we are always ready to produce specially designed cabinets for each specific purpose.



Ergonomically correct solutions are important to facilitate the workflow and take care of the health of staff. We offer a wide range of table systems, most of which are available as both height-adjustable and mobile.

The hospital furniture program contains a wide range of tables and table systems. Here you can choose from traditional tables on legs and also an extensive range of cantilever solutions designed to optimize ergonomics and facilitate ease of cleaning.


  • Worktables on legs or leg-free solutions. Common to all are table systems is that cabinets can be hung under the worktops with Zystm's suspension system.
  • Height-adjustable option is available for all the fixed or mobile tables
  • Mobile data table - Our mobile data table is available in several variants, commonly to all is that they provide a flexible workplace. Battery-powered and all with a height adjustment function ensures an ergonomically correct working height for the user.
  • Special tables for different departments - We offer special tables such as microscopy and microtome tables as well as weighing tables, all of which are built to meet the desired requirement while still been ergonomically correct and easy to clean.


Patient furniture is also part of Zystm's product range. We produce a wide range of products that help patients and staff in everyday life.

Bedside tables - Our bedside tables are equipped with battery backup and therefore cordless. The height adjustable function allows use with both patents bed and chair. It is also an option to have a secure locker mounted to the frame for safely storing the patient's belongings.



DetraSet is a high-quality shelving system. It meets the requirements for good hygiene and corrosion resistance. The rail opening faces outwards and therefore facilitates sterile cleaning.

The system consists of aluminum wall rails and brackets. The upper and lower part of the shelf console can be combined with different types of shelf materials.

The DetraSet furniture system consists of three basic elements: wall rails, upper- and lower-part shelf consoles.

In addition, there are of course various accessories available, this makes the system suitable for use in clinical hospital environments, laboratories, clinics, and commercial kitchens.



There are many items that must be regularly transported around a hospital, these must be both safe and easy to handle. Our logistics program handles everything from waste management, transport trolleys, sterile handling to MPO trolleys.



Some departments have special requirements for furniture. For example, there may be clean rooms where pressure differences between rooms must be defined. These requirements demand air sealed constructed products and the possibility of mutual securing and locking.

For air lock areas we supply stepover benches, shelves for storing footwear and clothing, surgical sinks and lockable cupboards typically used for depositing valuables, etc. In addition to this, we can offer full program for furnishing GMO areas.

Pathology furniture is used for very special functions. Zystm covers all interior design needs for this specialized area and an example is our cutting fume cupboards, developed in collaboration with experienced pathologists and laboratory technicians, they have been designed with a focus on security and ease of use. The safety is covered with extraction in both the top of the cabinet and around the surface of the cutting plate. Ease of use is ensured with a height adjustment function and an angled lower half of the front sash.