Detra System has since 1981 been run by the family Birketoft and in 1989 they developed laboratory program Detra LAB. Since then Detra System Excelent itself by that plan and deliver a broad program in a functional design and good quality in laboratories.

We have by combining product programs, evaluated which areas of Detra range continues and implemented together with Zystm's existing program and which areas should be deleted. This means that as old Detra Lab customer, still could have supplemented the already purchased products, but now with a new program while achieving the gains that are now possible with the new and complete program.

It is Zystm's intention to give the many loyal customers over the years have had contact with Detra system, the same good service. Like Zystm will be able to offer an expanded, contemporary functionality and wide range of fittings for hospitals, laboratories and schools.

We look forward to serving you in the future.