Fume cupboards

A fume cupboard is generally used for laboratory work and is designed to protect the user from gases, vapors, odors and splashes. For optimal use of a fume cupboard we recommend that you check to see if the fume cupboard meets all the specified requirements for the intended assignment and that you only use it according to the relevant regulations. Given that the legal requirements are constantly increasing, we recommend annually servicing the fume cupboard to ensure that its functionality continues to meet the health and safety requirements for the user when in the workplace. We offer service agreements where everything is monitored automatically, so your fume cupboard has regular servicing and is always up to date. For further information please see more here https://zystm.com/kundeservice/stinkskabsservice/

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  • Vent Cupboard – Zafe 12

  • Vent Cupboard – Zafe 12/13

  • Ergo Zafe Patology 19

  • Ergo Zafe 83

  • Zafe 81/82

  • Walk in Zafe 87/88

Standard fume cupboard

By default, the fume cupboard is manufactured from laminate with a tempered safety glass sash; however, Ergo Zafe 19 (pathology fume cupboard) is supplied with a polycarbonate plastic sash. Every fume cupboard sash comes with a built-in sash stop set at a sash opening of 500 mm for added user protection.

Depending on whether it is a model Zafe 81 or 82, the fume cupboard overall height will be either 2100/2300 mm. Standard fume cupboard overall widths are 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm.

Zystm fume cupboards have a solid construction which ensures a stable and secure workplace with continued durability. The front sash rise and fall mechanism is constructed with a toothed belt system connected to a counterweight ensuring synchronous control and smooth easy running of the sash. The sash handle and aerofoil are manufactured from brushed steel and are mounted directly onto the sash and the front of the fume cupboard chamber which guarantees, if used correctly, that the airflow and containment of the fume cupboard is optimal.


Depending on what tasks the fume cupboard will solve, we offer the following various worksurface materials: laminate, compact laminate (these are available in different colours, see our colour chart here https://zystm.com/fabrication-of-laboratories/tables/colors/ ), stainless steel 316, polypropylene, epoxy or ceramic. Please see our material chemical resistant list here http://media.zystm.com/hostkataloger/lab/zystm-lab-katalog-dk/?page=112

All worktops can be fitted with the desired sinks and drip cups. The selected sink or drip cup material must be considered as the bowl size varies according to the material type chosen.


In collaboration with the customer, we can advise which services to install in the fume cupboard. Whether the requirement is for water, gas, special gases, UV light or electrical sockets (230V and/or 400V) respectively, we can provide the correct solution. There is even the possibility of a protected double 230V socket mounted inside the fume cupboard chamber for preventing trailing electrical equipment leads. All our fume cupboards provide optional service placement locations to either the right- or left-hand side. Internal fume cupboard lighting fixtures can be supplied as HF Light 940, 840 or 830 or LED light Ra90K4000, Ra90K3000, Ra80K3000.

Ventilation and fume cupboard management

Variable air volume control is a fume cupboard requirement generally controlled by a flow control system. Zystm offers various solutions tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Depending on the model, the fume cupboard can control air face velocities at the sash opening from 0.3 m / s up to 0.5 m / s to meet the necessary criteria for most laboratory tasks and environments using either Labvent and/or Netavent controls. This ensures automatic exhaust control reducing energy consumption. Both solutions are also available with automatic sash close for when the cabinet is inactive; the inactive time period can be custom set to the desired preference.


Air flow rates for standard fume cupboards are calculated as follows at 0.5 m / sec and 500 mm working opening.

1200 mm = 990 m3 / h

1500 mm = 1260 m3 / h

1800 mm = 1530 m3 / h

2400 mm = 2070 m3 / h

See more here http://media.zystm.com/hostkataloger/lab/zystm-lab-katalog-dk/?page=112

Height adjustment of fume cupboards

Zystm’s Ergo Zafe fume hood program comes with height adjustment. If you choose an Ergo Zafe fume cupboard, it is height adjustable using electrically operated motors and can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs ensuring a flexible and ergonomically correct workplace. The fume cupboards can be adjusted between a sitting position and a standing position which also means that the fume cupboard is suitable for wheelchair users and DDA requirements.

ATEX fume cupboards

Zystm offers ATEX solutions for fume cupboards, components and structure takes into account the ATEX rules of zone 1 and zone 2. Atex fume cupboard solutions ensure electricity, light, control and materials are constructed in accordance with the applicable rules and specification requirements.

Perchloric acid fume cupboards

When work dictates working with strong acids and bases a perchloric acid fume hood may need to be used. These fume cupboards are constructed with a PP internal chamber lining and can be purchased with a “wash down” system which flushes the fume cupboard chamber with atomized water avoiding the accumulation and crystallization of unwanted products. When working in conjunction with heat in these cabinets, consideration must be given to whether a ceramic internal chamber construction should be used to ensure reflection of heat preventing damage to the fume cupboard.

Flush acid fume cupboards

When working with heavy acids and bases, a flush acid fume cupboard may need to be selected. These cabinets are constructed with a PP internal chamber which is resistant to acids and bases. When working in conjunction with heat in these cabinets, consideration must be given to whether a ceramic internal chamber construction should be used to ensure reflection of heat preventing damage to the fume cupboard.

Acid cabinets in extreme concentration environments

When working with extremely strong acids (e.g. King water) the fume cupboard must be specially designed, and surface treated. Zystm has the “recipe” for this by engaging in dialogue directly with the customer, so that right solution is provided and that the fume cabinet meets the necessary specification requirements. It is of the utmost importance that the design and ventilation is suitably adapted to ensure user safety.

Pathology cupboards (macro benches, cut up cupboards)

Zystm has a wide selection of pathology cabinets in the Ergo Zafe 19 series. These fume cupboards are specially designed for pathological work and are integrated with a cutting board, water baths, keel and waste tray all positioned in the worktop. Also, with a rear equipment rail for mounting monitors and other equipment plus much more.

Pathology fume cupboards are adapted to the customer’s specific wishes and there will always be a dialogue between the customer and Zystm’s consultant so that the most optimal solution is always achieved.


We offer a wide range of fume cupboard accessories such as contaminant carts, waste management holders, scaffolding, level gauges and much more.

The mobile carts are offered in standard module dimensions but can also be supplied according to user’s wishes. They are especially suitable for walk-in fume cupboards and open environments.

It may also be necessary to handle waste directly inside the fume cupboard and there is the possibility of a built-in solution. Washing and deposits can be made individually and placed according to the user’s location wishes. For more information see the full range of accessories here https://zystm.com/fitting-of-laboratories/accessories/