Ferring is a research-driven, specialized biopharmaceutical group that is a leader in reproductive medicine, maternal health and specialist areas within gastroenterology and urology. We have had the pleasure of helping set up their new laboratories.

We prepared all drawings in connection with the task and have in collaboration with an advisor been in dialogue with the users regarding the required layouts of the laboratory equipment and special solutions for e.g., fume cupboards and ventilated fixtures for their vacuum pumps from HPLC equipment.

In some of the laboratories, laboratory islands consisting of technical modules, where a worktop is fitted on each side of the island provides working areas to both sides. In addition, the technical modules support an over bench installation bridge inclusive of task lighting and top cabinets housing point suction. The fume cupboards where sited against the walls to reduce air flow disturbance.

After starting construction, the client decided to use one floor more for laboratory space that was originally intended for offices. This was implemented together with the main project and installed immediately after the initial installation was completed to ensure best progress.



Description: Laboratory inventory and fume cupboards.
Builder: Soundport/Ferring
Consultant: NNE Pharmaplan