Novozymes Lyngby


Zystm was chosen by NCC who was the main contractor to deliver a turnkey solution for all the main rooms. In continuation of this Novozymes chose Zystm to be in charge of the extra contract for all secondary rooms in the complex. Zystm has managed the project work and delivery of both purchase, production and installation of the fixed and movable inventory together with all technical installations for the inventory, fume cupboards and biosafety cabinets.

The project proposal was not fully specified, hence Zystm took part in the elaboration and have had a very constructive co-operation with NCC in procuring the relevant competencies and getting sufficient capacity to reach required goals. The thorough preparation in the early phases is one
of Zystms work methods and from our point of view one of the reasons for the pliable procedure with maintaining the time schedule and planning the interaction with other suppliers. At our recommendation, the extra contract for the secondary rooms was completed simultaneously with the main rooms which meant large time-savings especially during the installation.



Building owner: Novozymes
Main contractor: NCC
Number of fume cupboards: 43 pcs.
Number of biosafety cabinets: 24 pcs.

Ergo Zafe 83