Wellcome Genome Campus

The Wellcome Genome Campus located in Hinxton, Cambridge is home to two leading institutes as well as innovative genomics and biodata companies with scientific facilities and a state-of-the-art conference centre.

For the West Pavilion project, the first-floor laboratory and office spaces underwent total strip out and refurbishment, engaging Zystm for supplying and installing the new laboratory furniture using Zystm 1 and Zystm 5 cantilever furniture ranges. The resilient multifunctional workspaces provide flexibility with unobstructed below bench space and accessible concealed service zones for relocatable mobile storage and equipment.

Laboratory sinks have been supplied in epoxy for maximum resistance against acid-base, solvents, discolouration, and heat with toughened glass screen segregation between sinks and the adjacent workspaces.

Furthermore, all peninsular and perimeter benching benefit from Zystm over bench service bridge for housing electrical and data containment. In addition, each service bridge is inclusive of task LED luminaires angled specifically to direct light onto the worksurfaces for increased user visibility. Height adjustable shelving mounted above the service bridges maximises storage provision further within each of the laboratory spaces.

Un-obstructed modular cantilever benching provides maximum flexibility below bench for locating mobile storage, floor standing equipment and user knee spaces.