Table systems

Zystm 3 is a table system with free standing table frame modules designed to be able to withstand heavy bench loads. Suspended cabinets can slide from side to side within each frame module.

Zystm 5 is a leg free adjustable cantilever table system which is built up using technical modules providing concealed services distribution for mechanical and electrical supply lines.

Zystm 7 is a stationary furniture system mounted on wooden plinths. Under bench cabinets on plinths provide maximum storage space and 100% stability.

Ergo Flex is a mobile work table designed to provide 100% flexibility, optimal ergonomics and access to all necessary services.

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  • Zystm 3

  • Zystm 5

  • Zystm 7

  • Zystm Ergo Flex

  • Extra stable table

  • Weighing table