Intelligent inventory solutions for demanding learning environments. Zystm's long-standing experience as Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of furniture for laboratories and hospitals with proven product ranges based on total holistic solutions supports Zystm Learn, catering directly to teaching environments.

Zystm Learn offers a broad inventory program for learning focused premises. The program covers SCIENCE, FOOD SCIENCE and CRAFTS and DESIGN.

Our greatest strength in this area is our extensive knowledge and expertise in supplying specialist inventory solutions for professional premises in hospitals and laboratories. Our products have been thoroughly tested and can withstand tough and continuous use. Through our close collaboration with our experienced partners in schools and interior design, we have now developed a robust knowledge within the education sector and can always advise the best and most useful solutions for today's flexible teaching, security and legal requirements.

Zystm Learn designs, manufactures and delivers inventory solutions focused on service. Zystm can provide the highest quality standard solutions with a focus on price, but also develops advanced specialist solutions to meet with individual customer specific requirements.

Zystm Learn now has the knowledge, capability and capacity to deliver entire school fit-outs, not just subject areas. As a customer of Zystm Learn, you are reassured to be in the hands of the first contact always delivering the desired product. We do our utmost to ensure a balance of expectations and wishes and are always ready to guide you, delivering the right solution.