Physics  and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry teaching spaces in schools differ from all other. It is of the utmost importance to arrange these spaces appropriately for teaching visibility, space and security. Physics and Chemistry, the doctrine of the transformation of energy and material requires a room for many applications. When teaching using chemical substances, there are high demands to personal safety as well as the quality and durability of the inventory. We always ensure that the highest quality materials are selected to withstand such demanding use. We can also supply fixtures for technically harsh environments where it is necessary for surfaces to be resistant to various chemicals and abrasive substances.

Personal safety is of the utmost importance, exhaust ventilation, fume cupboards and eye wash / emergency showers are often needed for these rooms.

Fume cupboards protect the user from toxic fumes and substances and must be designed for the appropriate use. After delivery and connection, fume cupboards must pass a controlled trace gas test and be certified to ensure that they are functioning safely prior to use. Zystm Learn provide top quality fume cupboards. Our many years of experience supplying professional laboratories, of all sizes and levels, make us the market leader in quality, flexibility and price.

When considering personal safety it is always essential that the correct material properties for the furniture is chosen. Zystm Learn's product range has been carefully selected for this purpose with an inventory that is proven to work.

In addition, it is also important to furnish a room for multi-functional teaching, sharing information, group work and calming zones for independent study. This would usually require a lot of space, but through close cooperation with the customer we can develop various adaptable solutions such as group islands, learning tables and wall arrangements providing the correct solution for every individual teaching space.



Biology, the doctrine of life. Yet another topic that requires room to unfold the searching side of learning. User studies place great demands on the teaching zones as there must be space for the many trials and studies. Good storage facilities, the possibility for exhibition glass displays and good flexible interior design for an optimal working environment is necessary, whether it is for group study or independent work that requires calmness and concentration.

The layout and utilization of space is therefore the primary focus. We are very keen on providing the best qualities for each individual room. This is why we believe it is essential to work closely with the customer to ensure that every requirement is supplied for the best visible result.

Furnishings for these areas must be of the highest quality. Robust and durable furniture with versatile combination options is a necessity. This is one of our core competencies.

Therefore, materials used are responsibly sourced and environmentally sustainable. We focus on waterproof bases with high pressure laminate applied on both sides. Cabinets are designed for professional use with incredibly strong hinges that can withstand the greatest of loads. Countertops and other surfaces are supplied according to the specified use.

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